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Created in 2018, Loopsin is a Canadian service company, specializing in IT, video game and 3D development.

In strong growth since its creation, Loopsin is a human-sized company which has 50 employees mostly present in Montreal.
With a strong background in 3D, we have gradually developed our expertise in the video game industry as well as in IT development.

Beyond the activities it carries out, Loopsin is a company where life is good and where team spirit, joy, sharing and mutual aid are the pillars.


As part of its development, Loopsin is recruiting a Technical UI Designer in the Gaming industry:

What to expect:

  • Work on UI Screens or Features, break down features/wireframes into necessary widget
    structures, and propose data inputs into the widgets.
  • Work with UX & UI Art to identify needs and communicate the technical requirements of those
    needs to engineer.
  • Create layouts from the provided wireframes with appropriate widget setup so UI Artists can
    begin styling and building on widgets.
  • Implement blueprint logic when presentation logic calls for it.
  • Assist UI Artists when necessary to implement special presentation behavior, fix layout issues, and debug problems.
  • Build modularity to widgets to be easily changed in rapid prototyping for Art & UX designers.
  • Thinking of localization and accessibility needs and including those in the widget creation

This position is full remote.

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What we expect from you: 

  • A previous succeded experience in video game industry
  • Advandes skills in UNREAL engine
  • Be comfortable calculating basic algebra math ("Game math")
  • Knowledges in menu systems, building responsive layouts that meet various sizes and accessibility needs, and basic
    programming principles.

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Loopsin is an equal opportunity employer where hiring is strictly based on the individual's qualifications for the position. This policy is applied without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin, age, disability, marital status or any other category protected by law.