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Created in 2018, Loopsin is a Canadian service company, specializing in IT, video game and 3D development.

In strong growth since its creation, Loopsin now has 40 employees present in Montreal.

With a strong background in 3D, we have gradually developed our expertise in the video game industry as well as in IT development.

Beyond the activities it carries out, Loopsin is a company where life is good and where team spirit, joy, sharing and mutual aid are the pillars.


You have solid experience in at least one of the 3D packages currently in use by the industry including Maya, Houdini, XSI, 3D Studio Max, and Lightwave.

Having familiarity with other relevant programs is also a plus.  

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Lighters add the lighting to sets that create and add realism, tone, and flair to a scene, using their craft, lighters individual visually balance elements that allow artists to play produce a compelling image or environment.

You will have to use your technical skills as well as your aesthetics to create images that are not just aesthetic but to render.

The lighters guarantee the coherence of the lighting, the color balance, and the atmosphere between the different elements of one or a scene of the game. Where applicable, they guarantee that the CG looks photorealistic.

The lighters emphasize the drama and also establish and clarify the location, weather, time of day, etc.

The lighters will have to respect and follow a theme established for a sequence or a project.

They should be able to refer to product designs and apply that visual style as faithfully as possible, ensuring that continuity is maintained throughout the stage and game.


  • Having a strong experience as a Lighting Artist including the understanding of color theory, composition, light, and form
  • You have experience with a 3D CG package (e.g., Maya, Mental Ray)
  • You are familiar with the process of rendering, lighting, shading networks, polygonal modeling, and texture UVs
  • You also need to understand the characteristics of light and how it is simulated in a CG environment
  • You are able to work from reference materials, translating  and identifying key lighting details into applicable information
  • You should be able to light-moderate to complex interior and exterior scenes
  • Having past experiences with photography, theater, or film lighting is a plus